X-PIN 7Volution 6 to 7 digit conversion revelation - Orange

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The XPin™ 7Volution system is the ULTIMATE Upgrade to your classic 6-Digit scoring Bally/Stern game. No longer will you lose your high score when you roll it. The technology used by XPin™ to create this system will keep your high score that you worked so hard to get...even after you power off the game! The simple installation does not require any tools! Completely plug 'n play! No modifications are needed for the MPU. No custom game ROMs. No adding wires to the wire harness. After a 20 minute install, you are ready to go! XPin™ 7Volution is truly EVOLUTION EVOLVED! SUPPORTED GAMES Bally Games Black Jack, Bow and Arrow, Eight Ball, Evel Knievel, Freedom, Mata Hari, Night Rider, Power Play, Strikes and Spares, Dolly Parton, Embryon, Future Spa, Harlem Globetrotter's, Hotdoggin', Kiss, Lost World, Mystic, Nitro Ground Shaker, Paragon, Playboy, Rolling Stones, Sexy Girl, Silverball Mania, Space Invaders, Star Trek, Supersonic, Viking, Volton Stern Games Cosmic Princess, Dracula, Hot Hand, Lectronamo, Magic, Memory Lane, Nugent, Pinball, Stars, Stingray, Trident, Wild Fyre, Ali, Big Game, Galaxy, Meteor